I said ‘I do’ even though I didn’t know her! Now I owe her!

A “perfect” wedding day without any hiccups is a total snooze-fest if you ask us.

Below are 17 weddings fail moments that made the big day even more memorable for the newlyweds involved.

1 When you’re trying to get in the swing of things:

2 When the dog gets a hankering for something sweet:

3 When your parents are just too embarrassing:

4 When the decor comes crashing down mid-pee:

5 When what goes up must come down:

6 When you accidentally behead your cake toppers:

7 When you say “I do” to someone you do not know and now she’s angry you regret it

8 Or when the cake takes a tumble:

9 When the photographer takes a spill:

10 When an umbrella stops doing its job:

11 When a zipper breaks:

12 When the kids have a total meltdown:

13 When you don’t quite make the glass:

14 When people are arrested for bad dancing:

15 When the wedding coordinator pops in unexpectedly:

16 When you don’t remove the security tag from your suit:

17 When you’ve had one too many:

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